Executive Summary: Smart Infrastructure Unlocks Equity and Prosperity for Our Cities and Towns

Thu, 2016-09-22 11:30 -- SCC Staff

As the U.S. election season focuses atten­tion on national priorities, one thing is clear: We must invest in smart infrastructure now because we cannot compete globally without it.

Smart infrastructure is the foundation for our nation's future success -- for better paying jobs, for innovation and inclusion and for a new era of prosperity for all Americans.

Increasing pressure on aging infrastructure
Nowhere is the need more obvious than in our urban centers where swell­ing populations are putting increasing pressure on aging infrastructure. Yet we cannot ignore smaller cities and surrounding towns and counties and rural communities either. So many of them face infrastructure challenges, so many face food and water insecurities, so many are hampered by inefficient processes and policies, so many need jobs that provide livable wages. And so many of them are budget-constrained.

What they all need is for this genera­tion’s visionary leaders and thinkers at all levels of government to see the promise of smart infrastructure in­vestments – and take action.

In this policy brief developed by the Smart Cities Council and supported by AT&T, Black & Veatch, Itron, Qualcomm and Sensus, you'll see specific examples of how smart infrastructure is already providing triple bottom line returns – social, financial and environmental benefits – in cities large and small in the U.S. and beyond.

Unlocking barriers to adoption
You'll also read how elected officials and other policymakers can accelerate smart infrastructure investments by supporting a move to freshen dated policies and practices that impede progress. For example, we need to enable our cities, counties and towns to:

  • Develop the capacity to innovate
  • Aggregate demand
  • Streamline procurement
  • Embrace new financing models
  • Benchmark results

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