Readiness Cities - Virginia

“The grant will aid Virginia in supporting communities across the Commonwealth to improve livability, workability and sustainability through smart technology.” — Esther Lee, Secretary of Commerce and Trade

Through the Readiness Workshop, Virginia will create a framework for its multiple initiatives, including expanding broadband throughout the state; adopting interoperability standards; setting out a cybersecurity and privacy plan; and creating sustainable funding for smart projects. Other Readiness Workshop focus areas include:
  • Transportation: Managing increased demand from growing urban centers while addressing needs of rural and underserved communities
  • Public Safety: Building responsive capacity to a growing list of issues from flooding to the opioid crisis to the unique needs of the National Capital Region
  • Energy: Continuous delivery to everyone while incorporating renewables and bi-modal energy flow, improving resiliency and strengthening cybersecurity

2020 Virginia – Data sharing vision leads to a COVID-19 dashboard in one week

Sat, 2020-06-27 06:59 -- Philip Bane

2021 Updated with Smart Cities Week Session on data sharing.

Virginia, a 2018 Readiness Challenge winner, stood-up a COVID-19 dashboard in one (1) week in April 2020. This milestone was a key indicator of the Commonwealth’s progress on its smart journey. This milestone was NOT the result of a new technology development; but a data vision, a shift in data culture and a framework for data sharing. The COVID-19 dahsboard provided Governor Northam and state leaders the intelligence they needed to make critical actionable decisions saving lives.