Readiness Cities - Miami

"We're deeply committed to strengthening innovation and resilience at the city of Miami. This work alongside the Smart Cities Council will help us foster openness and the community collaboration needed to achieve smarter solutions."
— Chief Innovation Officer Mike Sarasti

Miami has been going through a long-term construction boom, which has led to increasing demand for city services from its growing population. But Miami also has been subjected to increasingly frequent tidal flooding, prompting the city to launch a pilot program employing a variety of technologies and initiatives to develop a regional resilience strategy.

The city is using its Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grant in part to develop and implement smart solutions and strategies for flood mitigation.

Miami’s Readiness Challenge Experience Helped the City Prepare to Tackle Future Crises

Thu, 2020-06-25 05:45 -- SCC Staff

In recent months, Miami, like many other cities, has been concentrating on COVID-19 pandemic-related needs—establishing small business and resident assistance programs, drive-thru virus testing and other initiatives. In 2017, however, when the city was named a Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge winner, it was prompted to consider how smart collaboration, not just smart technology would solve problems, according to Mike Sarasti, Miami’s CIO.

Miami's enhanced resilience plan: a lesson for other cities?

Thu, 2017-02-09 15:42 -- Doug Peeples

Like many large cities, Miami is wrestling with the challenges of growing populations and aging infrastructure. But the coastal city has another big problem: increasingly frequent tidal flooding. If your city is facing similar challenges, Miami's action plan may provide ideas and solutions you can use.