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Scan this section for information on the fundamentals of the smart city sector. To further narrow your search, click on one of the topic areas to the right underneath "Smart City Concepts."

The smart city sector is still in the "I know it when I see it" phase, without a universally agreed definition. The Council defines a smart city as one that has digital technology embedded across all city functions; click on any of the articles below for additional perspectives.

City residents need certain essential services for their health, happiness and prosperity. We call those services Responsibilities, since the city has a responsibility to ensure that residents have access.

The Built Environment – which includes all of a city's buildings, parks and public spaces -- is critically important. Though most of the Built Environment is not city-owned, a city government still has enormous influence over what is inside its city limits.

Modern technologies enable a rich new set of communications capabilities that help ensure cities are not only connected in meaningful ways with their citizens, but also aid fast and efficient interdepartmental and interagency communications.

Johnson Controls - Responding quickly to government needs

Wed, 2020-04-15 10:57 -- Connie Heath

Johnson Controls - Responding quickly to government needs. Johnson Controls can rapidly mobilize technical resources – including planning and design engineers, project managers, installers, communication specialists, service technicians
and more – to help communities meet their needs, protect citizens and stay ahead of the crisis.

Smart Cities Investment Forum Report

Sun, 2019-06-02 06:14 -- Adam Beck

The inaugural Smart Cities Investment Forum, hosted by Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand, gathered stakeholders from the investment community, government, academia and technology and advisory companies in March 2019 to exchange ideas on a topic rarely discussed – smart cities investment. The report out from this forum is provided below.