Why a speed-demon PUD tapped Allied Telesis

Fri, 2015-03-06 06:00 -- SCC Staff

Grant County Public Utility District already claims title to the fastest Internet connections in the U.S. Now it plans to increase its access speeds even further – and to expand its wireless broadband Internet network to more areas of the county it serves.  The Washington State utility asked Council Lead Partner Allied Telesis to help make it happen.

It’s interesting to note that the Grant County PUD is far from being a major metropolitan utility. It serves about 46,000 customers in a heavily agricultural area in central Washington, 170 miles east of Seattle.

Big city technology
However, that hasn’t stopped it from adopting what some may think of as ‘big city’ technology. “Grant County is very proud of our achievement as the fastest open-access network in the United States. We plan to increase our speeds and maintain our leading network status,” explained the PUD’s Robert Bergman.

That’s where IP Triple Play (voice, video and data) and IP/Ethernet solutions provider Allied Telesis comes in.

To meet growing demand for faster services, Bergman said the utility needed ultra-high-performance Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) to accomplish that goal. “We selected the Allied Telesis gigabit solution for many reasons, including its quality and performance, as well as interoperability capabilities.”

Higher speeds essential
Fiber networks relying on GbE provide far faster Internet access speeds than traditional multiple system operator cable and telco can, according to Allied Telesis. Those higher speeds have become essential as growing numbers of consumers stream high-speed content and expect to watch high-definition TV in real time.

The expansion will allow the utility to provide service to more of its rural customers in specific areas of the county, and other locations will be added later based on customer demand. The expansion plan follows a successful 18-month wireless broadband pilot project.

Embracing gigabits
"Grant County Public Utility is one of 75 customers who have deployed our solution and embraced a vision of ultra-high-speed Internet access," said Philip Yim, Allied Telesis senior vice president, Global Program Management. "Our gigabit solutions offer superior performance and feature capabilities in comparison to any other access vendor. This is validated by our customers who operate the fastest gigabit networks around the world," Yim added.

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