Smart hospitality: Ooredoo rolls out a high-tech welcome mat for Qatar tourists

Wed, 2015-06-03 06:00 -- SCC Staff

It’s happening in almost every sector imaginable: consumer expectations are rising quickly. They want better products and services tailored to their wants and needs. And the hospitality industry is no different. When people travel, they expect the hotels they book to provide the same level of service they get at home, from their ultra-fast Internet to their entertainment choices.

Council Lead Partner Ooredoo, Qatar’s top communications company, has taken a substantial role in helping the country’s hospitality industry attract those all-important tourists. The country’s tourism strategy calls for attracting between 6.7 million and 7.4 million tourists annually, according to a report in the Gulf Times.

Ooredoo experts recently met with leaders in the hotel and tourism industries to acquaint them with an array of services the company is making available to satisfy the rising level of tourist expectations. Among the offerings delivered through its super-fast network are:

  • Next Generation IPTV
  • Smart Wi-Fi
  • Ooredoo Cloud Voice & Collaboration Suite
  • Ooredoo Web Cloud Security
  • Push-to-Talk

The win-win: a better guest experience, lower energy costs
"The hospitality sector is one of the key pillars of Qatar’s dynamic economy, and is an area where communications technology can make a huge impact," said Ooredoo COO Mohamed al-Sayed. "Ooredoo supports many of Qatar’s leading hotels with solutions to provide the fastest in-room Wi-Fi as well as an incredible range of entertainment over fiber. The new generation of Smart Hospitality Solutions will enable companies to deliver the best guest experience, and help them more effectively manage communications costs and energy use."

Ooredoo has signed several agreements with major hotels to bring in high-speed fiber Internet and a next-generation multiscreen TV.

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