Senet Attending Florida Communications and Infrastructure Events to Promote Smart City and Utility Innovations

Wed, 2021-09-29 07:16 -- Connie Heath

Senet Attending Florida Communications and Infrastructure Events to Promote Smart City and Utility Innovations

Senet is attending two upcoming Florida-based conferences to meet with enterprises and organizations interested in learning how they can utilize the company’s Tampa Metro Area LoRaWAN IoT Network for Smart City, Enterprise and Utility innovations.

Schedule time to meet with Senet at:

  • ConnectX, Orlando, October 4-7
  • American Gas Association Operations Conference, Kissimmee, October 4-7

Please contact to discuss meeting options.

Connect your Smart City and IoT Applications to the Tampa Metro LoRaWAN Network

 Senet recently announced it is expanding its public LoRaWAN network to cover over 1,600 square miles across Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties, including the cities of Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg.

Currently being built on a rolling schedule, this network will be the largest and densest metropolitan deployment of public carrier-grade LoRaWAN connectivity in North America, providing capacity to support millions of IoT device connections from over 80 planned tower sites.

Connectivity is available now for use in both pilots and commercial applications and is currently being used for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) deployments by regional water utilities. 

Become a Senet Innovation Partner- Senet is partnering with leaders in municipal services, smart buildings, economic development and urban sustainability to help realize the full potential of IoT across the region.

 Water and gas utility companies, for example, can enhance their service offerings by implementing innovative infrastructure monitoring and safety applications such as:

  • Automated water and gas metering
  • Water and gas leak detection
  • Gas valve control
  • Pipe corrosion monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Wastewater and Stormwater monitoring and management
  • Employee safety

Similarly, municipalities and businesses can instrument their operations with low-cost sensors to drive productivity and offer new services to their citizens and customers, including:

  • Asset tracking at ports, multi-location enterprises, and schools
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Smart lighting, smart parking, smart waste management
  • Building infrastructure monitoring
  • Energy management
  • Employee/Student safety

 If you are interested in collaborating with Senet to build out Florida’s IoT ecosystem, contact: or call +1 877-807-5755.