Member spotlight 6.27.14: Alstom, Itron, GE, ABB, CH2M HILL

Fri, 2014-06-27 06:00 -- SCC Staff

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Alstom will help manage NYC's electricity demand: As part of a Department of Energy Smart Grid Demonstration Project, Council Global Partner Alstom has won a contract to deliver Demand Response Management System (DRMS) to Con Edison, which provides electric service to 3.3 million customers in New York City and Westchester County, NY. Alstom’s DRMS technology, will allow Con Edison to efficiently use consumer loads to manage energy supply and demand, with incentives offered to electricity customers to reduce consumption during periods of peak distribution system demand – such as hot summer days, or to alleviate stress on the distribution system. This demand response management system optimizes existing energy available and paves the way to a reliable grid.

Itron wins LA Water & Power time-of-use metering contract: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) – a Council Advisor and the nation’s largest municipal utility -- has awarded an advanced time-of-use and net time-of-use electric metering contract to Council Global Partner Itron. LADWP will utilize Itron’s cellular solution to supply advanced time-of-use and net time-of-use residential, commercial and industrial electric metering to LADWP’s customers. The solution will help LADWP improve customer service, expand green energy initiatives and help the municipal utility meet increasing demands from applications for solar net metered residential, commercial and industrial customers in Los Angeles.

GE technology helps utilities avoid costly errors: In today's economic climate, utilities can't afford costly errors from incorrect billing. Despite this, a traditional 600-volt current transformer -- which measures energy usage by reducing electrical currents --is at risk for producing less accurate readings when currents fall outside its rated level. The result is potential lost revenue for the utility's bottom line. With its RevenueSense 600-volt current transformer, Council Global Partner GE Digital Energy is answering the call for a better system. "Utility companies are looking for innovative and cost-effective measures to decrease operation and asset costs and increase payback," said Jim Koepsell, GM of power sensing, GE's Digital Energy business. "By accurately measuring the amount of energy consumed by end users in an efficient and reliable way, utilities can ensure proper billing for their customers and reduce the risk of revenue losses."

ABB transit pilot in Philadelphia shows big returns: Results of an innovative public transit energy storage system pilot designed to transform the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) from an inefficient energy consumer into both a smart consumer and producer of energy are in. Council Associate Partner ABB led the design, supply and integration of the “Wayside Energy Storage Project” which captures braking energy from trains for redistribution into the SEPTA power network while generating revenue with behind-the-meter load response to sustain the local grid and the wholesale energy market. Results achieved to date show that the single substation system on the Market-Frankford Line in North Philadelphia generates over $250,000 of annual energy savings and earned revenues. The initiative supports SEPTA’s Sustainability Program goal of reducing energy intensity (energy use per passenger mile) by 10% by 2015.

CH2M HILL tapped for Saudi Arabia tech hub: Saudia has selected CH2MOlayan, a partnership of CH2M HILL of Denver, Colorado and the Olayan Group of Saudi Arabia to lead development of the Sinnovate Smart Technology Hub in King Abdullah Economic City. CH2M HILL – a Council Associate Partner -- is a global full service consulting, design, construction and operations firm. The greenfield technology hub will occupy approximately 41,000 square meters of land providing training and certification for Saudi citizens to support growing demand for high-technology talent. Also included is an Innovation Center containing training academies for the Kingdom's youth after college graduation. CH2M Olayan serves as designer and program manager, leading a team that includes Council Global Partner Microsoft.


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